1000 Likes! Yay!

It's always exciting to get a new achievement and getting 1000 likes is no exception. I'm absolutely thrilled! I want to thank all my readers for allowing me to ramble about all the different interests and thoughts I have (while seemingly enjoying it).

Gifts For Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover myself I'd love to get the gifts on this list! Like I said in my other post, as Christmas approaches I find myself searching for unique gifts and these are some I found for the coffee lover in your life (everyone has one!). Best part? Everything's reasonably priced! 1. Bean Box... Continue Reading →

Hill Climb 2 Review

Howdy guys! I believe this is my first game review on TheMomsomnia. How fun! (If you're reading this and you love this game or other games simular to this, I apologize in advance for my lack of understanding and/or incorrect lingo) I just downloaded Hill Climb 2 the other day after my sister sent me... Continue Reading →

Hand Imprints

Back with another kiddy craft! Crafting really helps to break up a monotonous day while also letting your baby explore and learn. I've been enjoying figuring out what kind of things my daughter actually enjoys doing. So far it seems mixing things is high on the list. I addeBathtubd a little over 1/2 a cup... Continue Reading →

Bathtub Paint

Hello all! Recently I've been in a bit of an experimenting mood (which of course means I've been spending a stupid amount of time on Pinterest). Every time I go to the store I'm tempted to buy bath tub paint so when I saw a recipe to make your own I jumped on it right... Continue Reading →

Positivity Post

Hello readers! I think no matter what stage we're at in our lives or what our daily schedule looks like we all could use a bit more sunshine and positivity. (Unless you're Poppy from Trolls. Then you're about maxed out...) Today I started to make a vision board of images and quotes that make me... Continue Reading →

Oak Leaf Pinto Grigio

My husband and I decided to get a bottle of Oak Leaf Pinot Grigio to try over the weekend. What I thought would be a classy experience turned into a not so impressive one. I tried my hardest but it barely made it down my throat. My hubs described it as "Bitter and cheap like... Continue Reading →

5 Unique Gift Ideas They Won’t Forget

Welcome to my page! I wanted to share with you some creative gift ideas that people will absolutely LOVE. (If they don't love them, well...) In all seriousness these gifts are thoughtful and fun and great for almost anyone. Let's begin. 1. Icecream Sundae In A Box Who doesn't love icecream sundaes? I would personally... Continue Reading →

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