“Shop Miss A” $1 makeup too good to be true?

Good morning everyone! I just recieved my first purchase from Shop Miss A which is an online site that sells makeup for ONE DOLLAR. I don’t know about ya’ll but I like cheap especially when it’s stuff I don’t necessarily ‘need’.

So what’s the verdict? Well depends on what you buy…

1. ‘Aoa studio wonder skin illuminating primer’

Personally I found my foundation to go on and stay on better without this product. However every foundation is different. I wear Rhianna’s Foundation 120 from Sephora and love it to death.


2. I also bought the “Wonder Blender”

This was worth the $1. I’m one to normally apply makeup with my fingers (I know that’s bad) This blender did make applying easier and more mess-free.

3. ‘Diamond Lip gloss Grl Pwr’

I will admit that this gloss is simular to those you get when you’re like 7 years old that make you feel like you’re a grown-up because you’re finally wearing makeup. It doesn’t have that weird smell some lip glosses do which is nice but it does like more like a ‘childish’ glitter. Lasts a decent amount of time and it’s a nice color. Probably would buy again.

4. ‘Party Lashes’

This post is probably not fair due time the fact that I’ve never worn fake lashes before. I watched so many youtube videos where these glam girls are putting them on so I figured I’d try them… But the cheap ones :p

I didn’t like the look or feel of these at all. It looked like half a spider was crawling out of my eyes. Freakkkky

5. ‘Wonder Lipstick’

This is by far the best product I bought. I highly recommend this lipstick. I got the shade ‘whipped’ but I’m planning on getting other shades! It goes on nicely and doesn’t get dry or cracked like many cheap lipsticks.

There are plenty of other products on the site as well I plan on trying out. Either way whatever you buy can’t be THAT bad that it’s not worth the $1 to try it out. It let’s you be girly and have fun without breaking the bank so I say it’s worth it.

That’s a wrap!

Here’s the link to the page in case you guys wanted to browse! https://www.shopmissa.com/

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