Dear Parents, Don’t Stress About the “Bad Days”

As a mom I’ve found I have some days that everything is going perfect. The house is clean before 9 am, I’m well rested and showered, my baby is babbling away happily in her play pen and I an actually have my cup of coffee.

However… These days don’t always happen. Today for instance, I failed to go to bed at all last night resulting in me being a mombie the majority of my morning. My ever-fleeting cup of caffeine got cold on me as I struggled to get Rosalie to drink her bottle. I’m currently typing with racoon eyes from last night’s makeup while my basket of laundry longingly looks at me from the corner. This is not my worst day… but definitely not my best.

Parenting is not a formula or equation. Sometimes you’re on top of the world, sometimes you poor lemonade in your coffee (facepalm). Don’t sweat it! Tomorrow could be better…or not. You never really know. What I do know is no matter how exhausted I am, looking at my little one’s smiling face and watching her explore new things is the best and most rewarding thing in the world.

You got this guys!

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