Going out of your way for your husband

Every so often I get the feeling that I’m not as good of a wife as I could be. I keep the house clean, take good care of the baby and don’t (usually) start unnecessary disputes.

Then why do I feel like I need to work on myself?

I think it’s natural when you get into a rhythmic routine that you want to break up the monotony by trying something new. Giving your baby a new vegetable to try isn’t always the most fun thing in the world so why not try something new in your behavior towards your hubby? Here’s a list of some small things you can do to show him you care and that motherhood has not taken you over completely.

1. Leave a note in his lunch

2. Give him a back rub (even though my hubs doesn’t like this one much… He’s too ticklish)

3. Make a special dinner

4. Surprise him with a date

5. Tell him you’re grateful

6. Give him compliments

7. Let him pick the movie (let’s face it though..you probably do this already)

8. Buy him something he’s been wanting

9. Set up a living room picnic

10. Give him an extra long hug when he gets home

11. Wear something you know he likes and maybe try doing your makeup a little differently.

12. Leave his favorite candy in his drawer

13. Bake him a dessert.

14. Tell him you love him and say it with sincerity. We often exchange ‘Love ya’ and ‘Love you too’ but when’s the last time you ACTUALLY told him?

15. Put on a different perfume. A new scent can be a fun way to change things up. Unless of course he doesn’t like it. I like going to the store and having him smell a bunch. Then I log which ones are his favorites. He won’t even remember that he told you he liked it :p

You don’t have to do anything drastic to make your man’s day but it is important he knows that you care and want him to feel loved.

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