Why I put on makeup before I “have to”

So… Imagine you’re at home in your pjs with no plans until 6 p.m.

Now the easy thing to assume is that they’re two types of people. The kind that get ready right when they get up and the kind that don’t get ready until they “have to”. I don’t know about you but I find myself in the strange middle realm.

My normal routine is to wake up, do my makeup and hair but stay in my pjs. Why? Well I’m about to tell you.

1. I’d much rather a surprise guest see me in my jammies with my makeup done than in ‘actual clothes’ with my morning face.

Sometimes surprise company is inevitable but having your hair and makeup done can make them feel a lot less… invasive. Everyone has pj days, right? No judgment there.

2. For the most part makeup isn’t “uncomfortable” so I don’t mind wearing it all day.

Occasionally mascara too many days in a row can be bothersome but overall it doesn’t bother me much. Some clothes however are NOT very comfortable and wearing a little dress while chasing a 10 month old is not ideal.

3. It makes me feel good.

I think it’s safe to say most girls feel more confident with at least a little makeup on. Waking up and adding a bit of color to my face makes me feel more determined and ready for the day.

4. It helps wake me up.

Some mornings it’s hard to get out of ‘zombie mode’ and my morning routine helps me feel fresh and alert. I wash and cleanse my face before applying makeup. I also like to match my makeup to my mood which kind of sets the feel for the day.

5. In my opinion makeup looks better less.. fresh.

You can usually tell if someone just got ready. Their lips are bright, they’re foundation is smooth and covering perfectly, their hair is exactly in place…in other words they’re perfect. Of course some people desire this look and try hard for it but I prefer a slightly worn look before I go out so that I don’t start to notice a big difference within an hour of socializing. There’s nothing worse than your freshly done lips smearing everywhere…

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