Calling All Parents! What advice would you give?

This morning I had a thought… If I could give one piece of advice to a new parent what would it be? There’s a ton of things I could say like…

“Being overwhelmed sometimes is normal.”

“Asking for help Is ok.”

“It’s not a necessity to throw spaghetti on their tray and let them ‘explore’ like most parents seem to enjoy.”

(That would make me upchuck. I don’t handle big food messes well…)

But what would the BEST piece of advice be? While I ponder my number one answer I thought it would be fun to hear from you guys! If you leave your answer in the comments I’ll make another post including your opinion along with a link to your blog so others can see what you’re writing about!

25 thoughts on “Calling All Parents! What advice would you give?

Add yours

  1. In agreement with reading out loud. To add on, start reading to them early at least for about 15-20 minutes before bed. Also, when you’re in another room and it’s very quiet, one of two things can happen. Nothing or something sure to give you had a headache. It’s amazing how quickly they can get into something (make a mess or dangerous like climbing something).

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  2. Oh my gosh, I am writing a post similar to this idea right now – about what I would tell myself 12 years ago when I started parenting – the biggest thing I think I would tell myself “Okay, chill out…” I read every parenting book, magazine – I wanted to parent RIGHT. I was so tired of saying “No! You know what I have realized? There isn’t a book written about your specific child – just follow your heart, play with them, follow their lead – and you will both find your way!

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  3. My advice would be lighten up and don’t sweat the small stuff. Let tour kids be kids. Let them get dirty. Let them make a mess. Let them be crazy and loud. You only have one shot at raising a child so relax. Enjoy the little person as they are. Not how you want them to be.


  4. Sleep is king! I used to scoff when told to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” But now I know this is so important. Rest when you can. Most of the have to do stuff can wait. Also I would say lead with love. Frustration is normal. You and your baby are both new at this and navigating uncharted territory so go easy on yourselves!

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  5. I know I am inviting a flood of outrage with my comment (alas, such are the times we are living in), but what worked for me was sleep training my kids. It does not have to be ‘crying it out’, there are a lot of gentler methods to do it and they all work, as long as you are dedicated. Having my eldest sleep through the night at 8 months gave me a new lease on life 🙂


  6. I have never had children, but I was one once. So, my advice would be to let them be children, and not grow up too fast. But once they have, make sure they still don’t behave as if they haven’t. 🙂 (I have four step-children, but didn’t bring them up)
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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