Top 10 Reasons Why Batman is Awesome

Today I thought I’d pay tribute to one of the coolest superheroes of all time…


I have a secret crush on Robin so I often (weakly) argue he’s cooler. I figured I’d ask my siblings to cast some extra light on the subject. These are the exact answers my brother gave when asked why Batman is so awesome.

1. He is always epic

I must admit it’s hard to catch him not being sweet.

2. He traveled the world honing his mind and body in every skill

He had to work for what he became unlike those with powers which is pretty admirable.

3. He disappears like the wind

It does make things way more intense when the hero comes, does his thing and goes off mysteriously into the night.

4. He defeats people way tougher than him with skill and brains

You know he’s got something going for him when he can take down someone as buff as Bane.

5. Hes a billionaire

Money is never a downside. Ask Tony Stark.

6. He says intense things

Some heros are intense, some are funny and some fall in the lame in between realm. Batman does have a record for some pretty cool lines.

7. He has sweet gadgets

He does have some pretty awesome weapons to use against his enemies.

8. He is buff

The gif speaks for itself.

9. He fights phsycos

There’s no denying Batman has some of the coolest villains.

10. He is “The Night”

I mean, he’s the night so… Can’t really argue with that.

That all being said I guess I’ll have to admit that Batman is if fact cooler than Robin. (Sigh)

Goodnight, Robin.

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