“Calling All Moms” Followup Post (with answers from parenting bloggers!)

Hello, everyone! A few days ago I asked what would be the number one piece of advice you’d give to a new mom. I got some great answers from fellow WordPress bloggers and would like to share.

1. From: Geekmamas


“Not to freak out over every little weird thing because 99% of the time when you Google it, the answer will be “it’s normal”. And just get used to being up close and personal with poop. And I don’t mean your own, lol.”

2. From: A Teacher’s Reflection


“Really listen to your child, not just the words, but what they’re trying to say. AND, read aloud, read aloud, read aloud.”

3. From: Mtaggartwriter


“It’s a simple piece of advice- be there.”

4. From: Paving My Author’s Road


“In agreement with reading out loud. To add on, start reading to them early at least for about 15-20 minutes before bed. Also, when you’re in another room and it’s very quiet, one of two things can happen. Nothing or something sure to give you a headache. It’s amazing how quickly they can get into something (make a mess or dangerous like climbing something).”

5. From: Autism In Our Nest


“The biggest thing I think I would tell myself “Okay, chill out…” I read every parenting book, magazine – I wanted to parent RIGHT. I was so tired of saying “No! You know what I have realized? There isn’t a book written about your specific child – just follow your heart, play with them, follow their lead – and you will both find your way!”

6. From: The Thankful Heart


“We had four kids and now have eight grand- kids. I would say make sure you take time to just sit and enjoy your kids — let the house be less tidy and play monopoly or walk for ice cream.”

7. From: Cooking Without Limits

Kids in the kitchen – yes or no

“Let the kids help you in the kitchen.”

8. From: Mummy Bear Above and Beyond


“My advice would be trust your self and also don’t buy all the parenting crap you are suppose to have.”

9. From: Counting Sheep


“Sleep is king! I used to scoff when told to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” But now I know this is so important. Rest when you can. Most of the have to do stuff can wait. Also I would say lead with love. Frustration is normal. You and your baby are both new at this and navigating uncharted territory so go easy on yourselves!”

Well that’s a wrap! Thanks to all the bloggers that answered and thank you all for reading. Have a great day!

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