Pregnant with #2 (Thoughts from a mom who decided to have kids ‘back to back’)

I’ve had a lot of people assume my current pregnancy was an accident due to the fact that I was only not pregnant for about 4 months before we started trying again but I assure you it was quite intentional.

Why I decided to have them close together.

1. I was already in the pregnant rhythm.

Some women want a break to feel ‘normal’ again and that’s totally understandable but personally I’d rather just keep the pregnant flow rolling. My husband got used to my random Taco Bell cravings (heaven forbid I wait too long and have him forget how badly I need a Crunchwrap some days).

2. I’m already sleep deprived from my little one.

I’m not one to sleep well normally so while pregnant I find myself up the majority of the night. Since I’m up with momsomnia anyway, making her a bottle in the night isn’t such a big deal. If I waited until she began sleeping soundly through the night to get pregnant I’d just waste that precious time by still not sleeping.

3. The labor process is fresh in my head

Or erm… As fresh as it can be. I have a theory that hospitals brainwash you and make you forget the worst part of labor so women will continue to reproduce. I recall the contractions being horrible. I made strange bird screeches of pain while my husband snored on the hospital window seat. Pushing however is a blur to me and I remember it being better than I thought it would be…. Again, might’ve been brainwashed.

4. Let’s face it, having two tiny ones at the same time is just too darn cute.

I realize it’ll be a lot of work and I’ll probably lose a few of my marbles but having two little munchkins to sing songs and read stories to is just priceless.

5. I have hopes that they will be really close.

If you wait too long, by the time one is in to one thing, the first one is out of that phase. If they are close in age they can learn and grow together and have simular hobbies.

6. Now that I’ll have two kiddos I might be able to escape baby fever for a bit.

My husband and I are planning on having more but I would like a break after this one. Maybe wait 2-3 years and have two more. Not sure the exact plan yet. Either way, I think having two babies will tide me over for a bit so I can let my body recuperate.

And those are my reasons! Any other moms choose to have their kids close too? Comment below!

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