The #1 Makeup Tip I Wish I Would’ve Known Long Ago.

It’s no secret that I’m not the most makeup savvy person. However, I do love makeup and experimenting with different ways to put it on. I watch youtube tutorials every now and then but I know myself well enough to know my end result will look nothing like the perfection of the instructor. Nevertheless, you can learn a thing or too from those ladies. However, that’s a topic for another time.

This particular tip actually came from Sephora

Never in a million years did I think I’d sit down at that little booth and let a stranger do my makeup but… I did. My husband dropped me off at the mall for a little “me time” while he watched the baby. In that moment of solitude and freedom something girly sparked inside of me.

Feeling somewhat high-class but mostly terrified, I let the lady begin applying.

“Dab foundation to blend. Don’t ever rub or smear.”

I watched as she put little dots of foundation on my face and gently dabbed them into my skin. She never slid the brush, she just pressed.

The result?

The most smooth complection I’ve ever had. I now apply my foundation just as the Sephora employee did and am far more happy with the results. (Of course me being me and applying without my glasses most days I still have my not-so-perfectly blended moments but I can’t really avoid that)

Wrapping up

This may be common knowledge amoungst the cosmetically inclined but I figured someone somewhere has to be as clueless as I once was.

I hope you guys benefit from this technique as much as I did! Feel free to share any of your favorite techniques in the comments below!

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