Don’t Take For Granted The ‘Firsts’

Greetings all! The other day my baby went on the swings for the FIRST time in her life. She also ate chicken for the FIRST time. It made me realize that the early years of parenting you and your child experience so many new things together. Later in life they get more rare, more spaced out like…

First time riding without training wheels

First sleepover

First school dance

First boyfriend

There is something so silently magical about a new experience. Sometimes it’s easy to over look them because you’re too busy working or watching the news or whatever it is you do to occupy yourself.

This also applies in your relationships. Cherish the first kiss or hug; remember stepping into your new home for the first time. There are many memories I wish were more vivid in my mind.

Don’t let the moments pass you

Whether you’re watching your kid’s ‘firsts’ or experiencing your own, they are special moments you’ll regret not paying attention to later on.

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