Things I Noticed Different Being Pregnant With A Boy

Hello there! Today I wanted to discuss some differences between my pregnancies. I know personally as I waited (rather impatiently) for the gender reveal ultrasound, I spent a good deal of time reading articles about how to tell a baby’s sex.

I called my baby a girl my whole first pregnancy… And I was right!

1. With my daughter I had no doubt in my mind it was a girl so that “feeling” some women get is real. People thought I was crazy calling her a “she” while she was the size of a strawberry but my gut felt strongly that she was a girl.

Symptoms I experienced with a girl

-Nausea (BAD)

-Light headedness

-Sweet Tooth

2.With my current pregnancy I guessed boy and was right (even though I didn’t feel it AS strongly)

Symptoms I have now (boy)

-More Aches and a ‘heavier’ feeling

-Way hungrier

-Salt and meat cravings

So far I’ve only thrown up I think 3 times and I’m 22 weeks. With my baby girl I was lucky to not throw up daily and that went on all the way into the 3rd trimester.

There’s no ‘real’ way of knowing but with me guessing correctly twice I am a believer that there are ways to tell what you’re having by how you feel (for some women anyway)

Hope this helps you guys!

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