Get Yourself A Man Who Cooks You Chicken At 5 am

Hey ladies (and gents)! This article’s title is a bit odd and a touch specific but stay with me here…

Short Story

The other night I couldn’t sleep at all (#momsomnia anyone?). Between my daughter’s random outburst, my husband’s tossing around and our new sleep schedule I was doomed.

When 5 am rolled around I turned off my alarm and went to wake my hubby. You could scream bloody murder in that man’s ear and he wouldn’t wake up.

Anywho… He woke up to get ready for work and I grumpily muttered something about being exhausted and hungry (I’m pregnant guys, remember?). Next thing I know there’s popcorn chicken and sweet and sour on a plate in my bed. He kissed me goodbye and told me to try and get rest.

I don’t know about y’all but that’s not what I’d classify as a typical “man thing” to do.

Neither is

-Going to more than one fast food place to get you your favorite things from both.

-Happily cleaning the bathroom for you because the bleach makes you sick

-Letting you pick romance movies when they reeaallly want to watch action.

-Being carefree and easy going ALL THE TIME

-Reminding you all the time how beautiful you are and how much they love you.

I could go on forever about the things my hubby does for me but then it would just sound like I’m bragging about my marriage…

Point is… There’s someone, somewhere ready to make you that hypothetical plate of sweet and sour chicken. Don’t give up and don’t settle for mediocre.

Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life to deal with and love shouldn’t be one of them.

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