Top 10 Disney Scenes

Again I want to thank everyone for following me and making blogging fun. You guys are awesome!

This morning I wanted to post the top 10 best disney scenes!

(These are not in order)

1. Robin Hood Archery Scene

Not only was his shot AWESOME but his disguise is hilarious! It also contains the only part of the movie where the Sherrif seems ‘almost’ likable.

2. I Can Go the Distance

A feel good song with feel good scenery that puts you right in Herc’s shoes (or should I say sandals?)

3. Kronk as a Waiter

Any scene with Kronk in it is a good one. He’s so cool. This scene in particular though is my favorite. He got so into being a waiter he forgot why he was there to begin with. Gotta give him credit. When he gets into something he puts his whole heart into it.

4. I’ll Make a Man Out of You

Not only is this song a seemingly universal jam, the training montage that went along with it is entertaining and fun!

5. Basil Describing Ratigan

This scene makes us understand the relationship between Basil and Ratigan.

“The horror of my every waking moment”

Of course the lightning and Basil’s crazed look makes this scene even cooler.

6. Little Ol’ Cricket Bug

There’s something about this scene that makes it a classic for me and my siblings. The relationship between these dogs are quite memorable. This one is a bit harder to explain so if you haven’t seen it I recommend you pop some popcorn and stick in ‘The Aristocats’.

7. Lantern Scene

You just have to love how magical and romantic this moment is. It’s even more meaningful when you learn that the lanterns are released every year on her birthday.

8. Goob’s Back Story

Goob is one of the greatest villains of all time. When you discover his back story it just makes everything 10x better. I don’t want to say too much just in case someone hasn’t seen it.

9. Making a Deal With the Voodoo Man

Speaking of the best villains…

The Voodoo Man is so cool because no one knows what he’s capable of (including himself). The concept of him having ‘friends on the other side’ is sweet. I love the Voodoo Man.

10. Basil Setting the Trap off Early

When Basil and Dawson are tied to a mouse trap and seemingly doomed, Dawson sarcastically suggests they set the trap off early and give up. Basil does exactly that, calculating the precise moment in his brilliant mind and resulting in their escape. Talk about epic!

We’ll that’s it for the top ten! Please tell me what you think and post your favorite scenes in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Disney Scenes

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  1. Glad to see the underappreciated The Emperor’s New Groove getting some love! That diner scene is one of my favorites from that movie as well. My sister and I sing I’ll Make a Man Out of You as a duet every time we watch Mulan. Not to toot my own horn, but we’re pretty good at it. 😛 Maybe I’m a bit biased since I watched Moana again the other day but I would include the scene where Moana’s grandma’s spirit visits her. That is such a powerful moment and helps define Moana’s character. Great choices!

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    1. I’ll counter your duet with my three siblings and we can have a sing off 😂
      There were so many other scenes I wanted to include.. This post could serioulsy be like 20 pages long. Maybe later down the road I’ll do a part two and include Moana!


      1. Are you sure that’s a challenge you want to make? 😛
        I can understand that. Disney has so many great moments in their films. Making a top 10 would quickly spiral out of control!

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  2. Fun post! New follower, looking forward to reading more. When I first saw your blog title, I did a double-take because I saw ‘mom’ and ‘insomnia’. I started my blog, because I had a season of insomnia and wanted something to do in the middle of the night that wouldn’t disturb my family. haha! Now I want to go watch a Disney movie. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so awesome! I would be up at weird hours because I’d have to change my baby or get her a bottle and it would take me forever to fall back asleep. Blogging has really helped me out with that as well as giving me a way to be creative that isn’t consuming (or messy). Thanks for the follow ❤❤


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