Just Because Everything is Going Wrong Doesn’t Mean…

Salutations! We’ve all had days that just didn’t go as planned. You got to work late, the lady at Tim Hortons mixed up your order, and on your way to the store you slipped on a banana peel.

Whatever happens in your day to make it tougher I’m here to tell you…

Just because everything is going wrong doesn’t mean it has to be a ‘bad day’.

If you’re baking a cake and it explodes in your oven you have two choices

1) Get upset, throw the cake out and mutter grumpily as you clean up the mess

2) Laugh about it, ice the weird looking remains and eat it! Let the oven cool and play some music as you clean up the disaster.

I don’t know about you but the second one sounds more fun (plus #2 allows us to eat the cake so double win)

My point is it’s easy to let small things ruin your day. It just takes a smile, a pause and a good attitude to turn something ‘bad’ into a fun memory to laugh about later.

Thanks for reading!

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