Why It’s Okay To Have More Than One Niche

Hello fellow bloggers! I’ve only recently begun blogging but I’d like to address the topic that seems to be all over the internet…


While researching how to improve my blog I’ve gotten all kinds of wondeful tips from design, to engagement, to how frequently to post. I welcomed all these tips with open arms and expect they’ll help me in the long run.

The only thing I could not go along with was having to stick to one or two topics. The reasoning (they say) is that it’ll let everyone know exactly what to expect from you. In other words….

Don’t get me wrong! I follow wonderfully put together (and thoroughly entertaining) blogs that are on a single subject. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that. It is nice to be in a girly mood and go straight to a blog that you know for sure will talk about hair or makeup or something of the sort.

My point is…

I like makeup, I like movies, I like being a wife and mother, I like cooking and writing! (You get the point)

I say write about whatever you want! We are versatile and always growing…so why shouldn’t our blogs reflect that?

As always, thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay To Have More Than One Niche

Add yours

  1. Agree with you… A site on a single topic…that’s an authority site they are talking about… An authority site with solid content can be a go to place for the people who need it…So that’s that, but I think you are not here merely for the Hits. You want to talk…engage…share your thoughts.. so keep doing that, people will come to you when they start liking your thoughts…like I did…🤘👍👍

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  2. Being a mother with lots of interest is your niche, there are a lot of bloggers like you that are here to have fun and write about your day and the things you enjoy, so in a way that is a type of niche.
    Some of us see problems in the world and feel the need to try to work on a solution to the problems so we tend to be a bit on the one niche blogging path at times.
    The main thing is to have fun and enjoy writing about what you want to write about, have a super wonderful day.

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