Ibotta is a Fast and Easy Way to Make Money (For Real!)

(I am in no way getting money by promoting this app. I sincerely want to share it’s benefits!)

Hello all! I know there are all kinds of apps and whatnot telling you that you can make money by doing (nearly) nothing. I’ve tried several of these only to answer a dozen surveys and not get any money or buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need in order to earn nickles.

As a stay at home mom I wanted to find a way (even if it was minor) to contribute financially.

Ibotta is a great app for making money!

Let’s talk about why.

1. They give you a fair amount of money back for the products you purchase (like .25 for bananas or $3 for baby formula vs the .15 I got using other apps buying a $5 item.)

2. They let you buy products you actually need like milk, cheese, eggs, etc! And they also introduce you to new sodas and candy that are new to the market which I think is fun.

3. I actually earn money! I’m not by any means a big shopper. I have three people in my household and one of them is a baby and I’m able to shop comfortable and casually while getting money back.

4. The app is easy and fun to use. Usually the morning I plan to go shopping I peak at the app to see their offers. You can pick the store you’re going to and add the items you may want to buy. After your shopping trip simply scan the receipt and they usually find all the deals for you. Sometimes they miss one or two and you’ll have to tell them you bought it and they’ll fix their error.

5. They have achievable bonuses to let you earn even extra cash and they allow your “team” to help! (A team is basically your friends on Facebook or people you invite to the app that are also using it.) You could get a bonus $10 if your team redeems 10 offers in a month which isn’t hard (especially if you have a big team!)

I highly recommend this app!

Use my referral code, ejhxjle, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at https://ibotta.com/r/ejhxjle

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