Today I wanted to talk about routines in our every day lives. Whether you’re out there working, or you’re at home taking care of the house and kids, it’s common to have some sort of schedule.

Having a baby myself, I know how beneficial routines can be and how stressful it is when something disrupts it. But the other day…

I realized something

Routine doesn’t allow for adventure. Getting into a rhythm actually prevents us from new experiences.

As soon as I open my eyes in the morning I have the next (at least) three hours planned because I do the same thing every morning…

Feed my baby, work on my blog, do some house work, play with my baby, more housework, give my baby snacks and put on a cartoon, make some kind of food for myself while also making my husband’s lunch for the next day. After that my day becomes more loose since my “to do list” is mostly complete.

While I find this is an effective way to get things done, I also find myself in sort of a zombie mode in the mornings while I robotically go through my list. If I have some sort of plan during the time I’m normally putting my house together I either do extra work the night before or I work hard on not being bothered by my unfinished list.

Again, I’m not saying that routine is bad but my mind has been so wrapped around the clock since my baby was born

“When did she eat last?”

“It’s almost her nap time”

“Should I make a bottle now or wait until we leave?”

That I’m finding myself less ‘go-with-the-flow’. When my husband mentions going out when it’s almost her time to nap I wilt a little since I’ll be losing out on what is ‘normally’ my chill time.

The point is, routine is good but don’t let it stop you from going on that date or taking up a sewing class or ignoring your chores for a day to binge watch The Office!

If you include more new things in your day you prevent monotony while also learning more about yourself and doing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

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  1. You made a good point with this post! I sometimes wish for a routine…but then I realize that would be CRAZY dull and mind numbing!!!! Although my days are hectic as hell…they are always entertaining due to the randomness that occurs. Great post!


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