Tips on Blog Stats

Greetings all!

Blog stats are something that mean something different to every blogger. While one person may be disappointed in their ’20 views’ that day, another may be jumping for joy.

My viewpoint

I started my blog almost exactly a month ago and I’ve had 500 unique visitors, a little over 100 followers and about 1,500 views (and I am ecstatic!)

While some of you are still trying to achieve that, others get this kind of traffic almost daily.

Although success of a blog can be fun, being present and consistent is more important.

The way I see it is this…

Before I blogged, no one read what I wrote because I didn’t really share it. This is giving me not only a hobby but something to help me grow as a writer. It’s also giving me a feeling of community and also access to material I wouldn’t have otherwise found.

Success takes time and dedication.

“What one blog can do another can do!” (Or erm… Something like that)

Some tips for you if the numbers aren’t what you wanted.

-Post Daily (Get yourself a ‘blog a day’ badge to keep you motivated)

-Try rearranging your blog to make it more visually appealing

-Build community

– Check the grammar and layout of your posts (I know if grammar is really off I stop reading)

-Try experimenting with new topics and work them into your niche

-Don’t get too caught up in numbers. Keep it fun!

-Don’t give up!

6 thoughts on “Tips on Blog Stats

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  1. Nice article, blogging is a lot of fun and a great way to improve writing skills.

    You have done good with your stats for only blogging for 1 month. I don’t even know where to look for all those stats, I mainly look for comments so I can have the conversations with the visitors who have questions about what I write about.

    Anyway, congrad’s on doing so well and keep up the blogging.

    Have a super wonderful day.

    Liked by 1 person

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