More Movie Facts! (Thank Goodness #10 Didn’t Happen!)

10 more movie facts for you guys!

1. Topher grace was considered for the lead role in Source Code.

2. Peter jackson was paid 20 million to direct King Kong which was the highest salary ever paid to a director in advance.

3. Russell crowe was origially attached to star in The Equalizer

4. The gypsy bear in the Wolfman was recycled animation from The Golden Compass.

5. Gerard butler turned down the role of James Bond in Casino Royale for fear of typecasting.

6. A sequal to Sahara was planned but it was canceled due to poor box office sales.

7. Sarlett Johansson turned down Reese Witherspoon’s part in Water for Elephants.

8. Chris Evans auditioned for the lead in Fracture.

9. Heath Ledger was set to star in Australia but backed out to do The Dark Knight.

10. They were going to make an Iron Man movie with Tom Cruise as Tony Stark, but it fell through.

Thanks for reading!


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