Etsy Shop Highlight (BeverlysAnimalArt)

Another shop for you guys to take a look at! All of her products are beautifully hand painted and wonderfully unique!


My Interview With The Owner (Beverly Osborne)

1. How long did it take you to master your craft?

“My art is a gift. I have been drawing animals since childhood. Mom always provided me with watercolors, pencils, pastels, pen and ink and paper so I was free to experiment. I have drawn or painted commissions for teachers and friends as early as 6 years old. My art has developed over decades of observing animals, nature, other artists and reading. So to make a short answer long… I am still seeking to master my craft.”

2. What is your favorite animal to paint?

“My desire to paint cats has been consistent over time. However, I have gone through phases where I only paint horses, wolves, deer, frogs, sea turtles, exotic pets or whatever else catches my interest. That is why you see so many different types of creatures in my work.”

3. What got you interested in painting animals?

“I was born interested in animals. Mom has told me many stories of how I would smile for a photographer at 6 months when given a toy frog or lie quiet during nap time when given a toy spider. My only interest is animals. My slogan is: Fin, fur, feather or scale rendered in watercolor, pen and ink, pencil, pastel, acrylic or mixed media.”

Take a look at her shop here!

Thanks guys!

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