Etsy Shop Highlight (ElleBì)

You may have heard of the blog SerendipiDIY. (If you don’t I highly suggest you go give her page a visit). Not only is Laura a blogger but she also owns her own shop called ElleBì where she sells beautifully crafted handmade jewelry!

My Interview With The Owner (Laura)

1) How long has your shop been open?

“My Etsy shop ElleBì (ellebijewelry) has been open since February 2018, so it’s still kind of new but it’s growing fast!”

2) What is your favorite listing currently posted?

“My favorite listing in my shop is probably the Estate earrings. They are so special to me because they contain Murano glass beads that I personally picked in Murano, Venice. I love being able to create something that has a piece of my home country in it and the best thing is that people really seemed to love these earrings; it makes me so happy.”

3) Why Jewelry?

“This is a good question. My blog is all about DIY and crafts, I’ve never really created jewelry for the blog ever. I have always had a passion for making bracelets, necklaces and earrings when I was little. As I said in one of my blog posts, when I was around 7 years old I used to make beaded bracelets, set a table on the driveway with my best friend at the time, display all of my creations and give them away for free to people and kids who were living in my street and walking past my “stand”. Growing up, I loved buying and wearing bracelets; jewelry stands were my number one destination at fairs and I have always loved those bracelets with thin gold chains and nice gemstones. They are simple, but oh my aren’t they pretty! In my mind I’ve always had this thought “if only I could make bracelets like that…”, they were different from the ones that every kid makes with just tons of beads and thread. And one day I was like: hey, I am going to learn how to make that, after all it’s just another “DIY or craft”, nothing different from what I usually create from scratch. So I started learning and I finally made my first “serious” bracelet with a chain, wire loops, wiring around beads and all that stuff, and I remember thinking: this just became my favorite hobby ever. I made a few pieces of jewelry and then decided to make an advanced “kid stand” and I opened my first Handmade Jewelry Etsy shop. A hobby that quickly became a small business.”

Please take a look at her store (and blog!) Thanks for reading!

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