My Ipsy Glam Bag Rant (Not Impressed)

Hey guys…

So if you’ve been following me you’d know that I signed up for Ipsy’s Glam Bag and was very excited to share a review with you.

Upon ordering, I didn’t include my street number (which was obviously a mistake on my end). However, they did not email me or make any attempt at telling me they didn’t plan on sending the bag due to this error. On May 8th I emailed Ipsy the right address and again eagerly waited for my bag.

By the 15th I was getting impatient.

Realizing it was my problem, I made sure not to get upset. I checked my email to see if they replied and saw nothing. I logged into my account to see that my info was in fact corrected. Giddy as could be, I clicked the ‘track bag’ icon. It brought me to a page telling me my address was incorrect. I looked over my info about a zillion times making sure everything was there. It was all in order.

… So I sent another email asking if they could ship the bag as soon as possible so I could have the ‘May bag’ reviewed in well… May.

It’s now the 25th and I have not received the bag nor any form of response the entire month from Ipsy. I’m not one to get upset very easily I am not impressed with their customer service. Especially since it doesn’t allow you to cancel without speaking to someone.

But don’t worry guys! They made sure to bill me for next month’s bag so they’re prompt about something….

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