Picking A Name For Your Baby

Naming your baby can be one of the most exciting and difficult tasks you face as parents-to-be.

With my daughter, it was easy! The moment I heard ‘Rosalie’ I knew that that was the name for her (and my husband felt the same). It was so burned into my head that no one could change my mind if they wanted to.

Pregnant with #2 I had a much harder time. I think it was partially due to the ‘feeling’ I had with my daughter’s name. No name was giving me that ‘feeling’ so I must not have found THE name, right?

With the mental pressure I put on naming my son, no name would’ve been up to par. I was waiting for magical light to pour through my window as I named off names in the baby book.

I was also wearing my husband out by how many suggestions I was giving him as well as how many times I changed my mind. He was excited to start calling our little munchkin something other than, well… Munchkin.

My advice

1. Stay Off Baby Name Forums

If you can go on baby forums for inspiration (and only inspiration) then go for it! I would really not recommend posting your favorite names and letting the internet give feedback. Some of my favorite names were forever ruined by opinionated people with a keyboard. There is no name on this planet that everyone will like and although I was looking for opinions I was not looking for things like…

“If you name your kid Myles you might as well put them up for adoption and put them out of their misery”.

2. Let a Name Sit For a Day Before Tossing It.

Give the name a chance if you like it. Sleep on it. I discarded so many good names by looking at too many at once. I was asking myself “James or Matthew?” And the whichever one lost would enter ‘the name pit of no return’.

3. Don’t Ask For Opinions From Everyone.

Naturally you’ll want to discuss your baby names with someone. Pick people whose opinion really matter to you and who are honest and sensible. There’s no sense in discussing it with your friend who plans on naming her kids after Shakespeare characters or your coworker who loves to criticize everything for the heck of it.

4. Stick With Your Gut

In the end, the only people that truly matter are the parents! If you both agree and love a name then go for it! Don’t let anyone sway you!

That being said…

I’m excited to announce we decided on Lukas Everett for our baby boy and he should be arriving early September!

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