Trust and Betrayal

Whether it’s in a family member, a friend or a significant other trustworthiness is a hard characteristic to find. Although rare, it’s one of the most important.

In my opinion, there is no worse feeling than being lied to or betrayed. Especially when it’s the ones who are closest to you.

When you’re lied to not only do you doubt the person who betrayed you, you begin to doubt yourself too. You start to wonder why you weren’t enough for that person or why you trusted them in the first place. If you’re not careful it could be a very fast downward spiral that could cause depression, self loathing and many other negative effects.

Even though it may be hard, realizing that it’s not your fault is a good step in the right direction. While someone may have told you they’d keep your secret a year ago, that person’s priorities may have changed since that time. It’s not necessarily that they meant to hurt you, but that something came up that was more important to them in that moment of their life. Humans are flighty things and priorities change daily for most.  Also, in a world where popularity or status often comes first, loyalty can be carelessly tossed out the window.

Obviously there are some situations that have no excuse what so ever. Sometimes you’re hurt so cruelly and pointlessly that there’s no rationalizing it.

Through either of these scenarios you just have to try your hardest to keep your head up and carry on.

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