Guest Post: How To Make Macaroni And Cheese (From The Girl Who Failed Many Times)

Hello guys! Today we have a guest post from my little sister. One of the first meals she learned how to cook was Macaroni and Cheese (through much trial and error). Our household had our fair share of laughs as we witnessed some interesting fails. I’m going to turn the reigns over to my sister now.

What NOT to do

1. Boil the cheese packet

2. Pour in the cheese without draining the water

3. Pour half a gallon of milk in your noodles

4. Forget about the noodles and over cook to stupidity

5. Pour on too much salt

If you make it right it can be pretty good…

There you have it, guys! Now you know! Her pouring the cheese in the boiling water had to be my personal favorite. I was laughing so hard at her Macaroni soup.

Do you have any recipe fails? Any fun cooking stories? Comment below!

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