Activity Challenge (Day One)

Hello guys! As you may know I’ve recently been working on completing my list of 100 Activities. I decided to not go in order because well… It seemed more fun!

#6 Drink Tea

My mom and sisters had a cup of tea with me while we sat around my parent’s dining room table. We all had different flavors and discussed the taste.

#15 Think About Future

While we drank our tea we discussed the future. None of us had any large elaborate plan but it was a fun conversation none the less. My husband is much more future oriented than I am. I’m just looking forward to my son being born and my baby girl learning more and more about the world. As long as I have my family, my future will be bright.

#34 Draw With Chalk

My sister’s and I drew with chalk outside my parents house. Everything from family portraits, to rainbows to a message for my Hubby who was away with the army at the time. You’re never too old for chalk drawings!

Hope you all enjoyed the first part of this segment! I challenge you guys to make your own lists!

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