Henna is traditionally used for special occasions (holidays, weddings, birthdays ect). Initially, this type of body art was nearly exclusive to Africa, India and the Middle East but it’s now become a popular trend in the Western side of the world.



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    the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used as a dye to color the hair and decorate the body.

    For those who are unsure of tattoos or know they don’t want anything permanent, Henna is a perfect choice. They usually last 1-3 weeks depending on what ink is used.

    It’s also pretty cheap (especially compared to real tattoos). You can get Henna from as cheap as $5 for a small design.

    I’m considering getting one myself soon. It seems like a fun, cheap (and risk free) activity to try! Why not, right?

    Have you ever gotten Henna? Do you have a favorite design? Comment below!

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