Activity Challenge (Day 3)

Hey guys! Continuing on with the activity challenge!

#1 Watch Beauty Tutorials

I must confess I binge watched Denitslava. I think she is totally adorable and relatable and I highly recommend her channel. I love the end look of this video especially.

#56 Try a new restaurant

My hubs and I have been meaning to try this little Mexican restaurant down the road called Dos Pesos. They had pretty good food and I loved their guacamole! We stupidly got a kick out of the fact that nothing on their menu was ‘two dollars’ (as their name implied). It was a fun experience overall.

#73 (Photo of…) Changes to come

My daughter poking at her little brother. What bigger change than a new little human??

Progress 9/100

Thanks for reading! In case you missed the beginning of the series here are the links.

My 100 activities

Activity Challenge Day One

Activity Challenge Day Two

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