Feeding My One Year Old

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about feeding my little one. She just turned one last month and I’ve been working to wean her off formula completely (as recommended by her doctor) so I thought I’d share my experience so far.

Transitioning From Formula To Cows Milk

I’ve heard from many people (and articles) that mixing milk and formula at first really helps your child get used to the new taste. They recommend 1/2 milk and 1/2 formula for a week, then 3/4 milk 1/4 formula the following and then whole milk the week after.

Luckily, my little one took to milk right away with no need to mix. I would suggest giving your kid just milk to try it out then if they refuse it try the mixing method.

Portion Sizes For One Year Olds

So far I’ve been giving my baby 3-4 small meals throughout the day and healthy snacks in between. I can usually tell when she’s getting hungry by either her crankiness or her examining her snack cup for food. I make sure to cover all food groups in a day so I know she’s getting proper nutrients.

At this point if your baby is a good chewer and you make healthy dinners your kid might be ready to start eating with you! It’s fun to see their curiosity and excitement as you eat the same food along side them. Spaghetti, grilled cheese, omlettes, vegetables etc are all healthy options for you to share!

As far as portion sizes go, I’ve recently read that the following is what a one year old should be consuming a day:

I plan on measuring the amounts I would normally give her and see how it compares to this chart. I’m curious to see how close her eating habits are to what is to be “expected”.

Liquids For Baby

My child drinks diluted 100% juice or just plain water throughout the day when she’s not drinking milk. Usually she wants 2-3 sippy cups of liquid (aside from milk) depending on how active she is that day.

Every Baby Is Different

My child refuses anything mushy, she took quickly to cow’s milk and if it were up to her she’d live off peas and watermelon. But that’s just her! Don’t stress out about your child not doing or eating what other kids are. As long as they’re in the healthy weight range and are eating and drinking nutritional things then you’re doing ok. If you feel concerned about your baby’s eating habits you can always consult a doctor to see if something is wrong.

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