‘Somewhere Between’ Tv Show Review

When my mom suggested I watch ‘Somewhere Between’ I was in the middle of ‘The Office’ and ‘Switched at Birth’ so I was slightly hesitant to start another show. However, her description of one of the episodes and the fact that she binge watched it so quickly made me quite curious to know if it was actually that good.

Description: Laura Price appears to have everything — a successful career as a new producer in San Francisco, a powerful yet sensitive husband who serves as the city’s district attorney, and a big-hearted 8-year-old daughter who is always quick to make friends — but she lives in terror as time moves her closer to the seemingly inevitable moment when an unknown killer murders her little girl. The knowledge of when, where and how her child will be taken haunts her as she tries desperately to keep the child safe, always seeming to fail in averting fate.

I have to admit I was hooked right away. I found both the plot and cast captivating. Nothing was dragged out or over-dramatized (as a lot of shows are) and that was extremely refreshing. Nothing bothers me more than when the same small drama is going on for twenty episodes.

I especially liked the main characters Laura and Nico who were both likable and believable.

I don’t want to give much of the plot away (especially since its only ten episodes long) so I’ll leave you guys with this…

I highly recommend this show. It’s one that will linger with me for quite some time and I can see myself rewatching which is rare for me.

It’s currently on Netflix, guys! Go check it out!


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