Newest Decor Additions To Our Home

Hello all! With fall approaching I’m beginning to feel the comfy, cozy feelings that Autumn always brings to me. With that, the love I have for my home grows and I begin to day dream about vamping up my decor.

(I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that pun was intended or not. Seems safer that way)

Last year my husband made me a jar money holder and I absolutely love it. Trouble was… It quickly became the spot where our junk went (not my idea). When I was finished pulling things out of those three small jars I practically could’ve put up some garage signs.

There were rewards cards, flash lights, receipts, cough drops.. The list goes on. I decide enough was enough and I cleared them out. After a thoughtful shopping trip with my mom and sister we found the perfect fillers.

The second thing we added is our new entertainment center that we got from Wayfaire. It was normally $400 and we got it for $160. It fits in our house quite nicely and I really like the rustic look.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a headache to put together. It came in about a million pieces. After 3 hours of grueling labor I found I wasn’t even strong enough to screw the large screws in. I texted my husband at about 10 pm telling him I was giving up doing it solo and he could wake me up when he got home so I could show him where the tough screws were. He got home a little before 5 a.m and finished the job completely (rather swiftly I might add). Go hubs!

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