Halloween Crafts

Whether you're the host of your family's Halloween party or you're staying home alone, Halloween decorations are a fun way to keep you in the mood during this Spooktacular time of year. Here are some cute decor ideas my little sister came up with. Everything you need is probably already in your home! 1. Witch... Continue Reading →

Funny Conversations

Greetings readers! I've had my fair share of witty/amusing text conversations but these ones I've stumbled on definitely take the cake! 1. The mom who thought their kid snuck out. (Notice the contact name L*) 2. Solid burn, mom. 3. Wisdom beyond their years I'm sure... 4. I'd like to introduce you to sarcasm... 5.... Continue Reading →

Halloween Decor Ideas

Hey guys! Halloween is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited. I usually wait until the weather is colder to begin my fall activities but my white pumpkin wall plug-ins are in and I've started my Halloween decor. What can I say? I'm just especially impatient this year. Today I wanted to... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit of Animal Humor

Many of you will probably think I'm heartless, crazy or possibly even the anti-christ but more often than not I find animal jokes, memes or whatever not very funny. However there's a few. I've found that managed to get a smile out of me and I thought I'd share. Hope you guys found at least... Continue Reading →

Cool Photography

Greetings readers! Photography has always been something that I thought was really cool. As a kid I felt I was really awesome at it but looking back at my millions of flower photos I realize it takes a lot more than tilting your camera to get a good shot. Here are some photos I found... Continue Reading →

Life Update

Hello readers! Some of you may have noticed that I haven't written much lately but I promise I have a decent excuse. On September 1st my son Eli Joseph Jewell was born! We initially planned on naming him Lukas Everett as you may have read in my 'Picking a Name For Your Baby' post but... Continue Reading →

Parent Humor

As some of us know, parenthood is an exciting rollercoaster. Like most things in life, there's a good and bad side to being a parent. Some days you get the thrill of a lifetime flying on the tracks of a wonderfully entertaining adventure while others you're gripping the handles, gritting your teeth and trying not... Continue Reading →

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