Parent Humor

As some of us know, parenthood is an exciting rollercoaster. Like most things in life, there’s a good and bad side to being a parent. Some days you get the thrill of a lifetime flying on the tracks of a wonderfully entertaining adventure while others you’re gripping the handles, gritting your teeth and trying not to upchuck on the passenger in front of you. I know from my experience that a little humor can go a long way and that’s exactly what these pictures do. I’ll leave them here for you to enjoy.


Looking back I’m not sure why I didn’t take naps on days that I was exhausted or tired. I find it’s rather easy to be envious of what my ‘premommy’ self had the option to do and foolishly didn’t take. Shame on me…


I’m not quite at the potty training stage myself yet but I thought this picture was hilarious and still relatable.


This is the realness. Never think that letting your kiddo stay up means you get extra sleep.


This was me most of the first 5 months of my daughter’s life. Waking up your baby versus almost peeing yourself? I’ll take the latter!


Ever since my fourteen month old daughter started talking better I learmed that my name is ‘Mom? Mum? Mom?’ Gotta love her inquisitive tone!

That’s it for now! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Hopefully you feel at least slightly humored and possibly less alone in your journey.

Personally, despite the rough days, I truly believe there is no greater gift than children and they’re totally worth the side effects.

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