Relationships Working Through the Little Things

Relationships can be all over the place especially when you’re married. One minute you are so head over heels in love that your heart literally hurts and then the next you’re looking at your significant other questioning your decision making skills.

It sounds rough but… Let’s be honest it happens. Sometimes it’s something minuscule on a rough day that sends you over the edge and all of a sudden you’re a wreck.

Quick story;

I told my husband once that I’d appreciate it if he made sure his socks weren’t bunched up when they made it to the laundry basket. He works as a welder/maintenance man and his clothes always come back black. I’m not one to sort laundry I usually grab it by the handful and if I wash the sock bunched up it doesn’t wash/dry properly and I have to unbunch it and rewash.

Anyway, one day I saw his socks were not only bunched but just inches away from making the basket. This was directly after seeing an unrinsed dish and empty water bottles by his side of the bed.




Mind you I was pregnant at the time so I had a little bit of an excuse but I was crying into my pillow wondering which holidays I’d see my daughter on after our seperation.

I realize this story makes me sound not only petty but extremely emotionally unstable but I wanted to share it for two purposes.

1) To tell you relationships are hard even when you find an awesome guy/girl. Everyone is flawed and when you’re with that person all the time everything is magnified. It may not be normal to contemplate divorce over something as silly as socks. (Again I was pregnant, tired, and physically exhausted at the time) but I think it is normal to get frustrated over little things especially when you let them build up.

2) To remind you guys to appreciate your partener and try to see things from their side. My husband worked hard that day and maybe cuddling up with his adorable wife sounded much better than unfolding his socks or maybe (the more probable reasoning) he simply FORGOT. Sometimes it feels like trash, misplaced things, or unrinsed dishes are the most terrible thing in the world. I think to myself “He knows I spend the entire day cleaning! Can’t he help out?” Or “Is it really that hard to make the laundry in the basket?”. When I take a second to breathe and think I realize that my hubby is not only a slightly messy and forgetful person by nature, he’s also an extremely hard working man who only has two hours a day to be home and relaxed. He helps me with the kids, he cleans up after himself for the most part and he isn’t hard on me at all. I think of all the things that I do that should bug him that don’t and I get a reality check real fast. So my advice to you is slow down and think about their side of it.

Now some humor to finish this article off!

As always, thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Relationships Working Through the Little Things

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  1. I loved reading your post so much. I can totally connect with you. Whether such stories make us look pretty or not, I think anything is better than keeping all our emotions bottled up inside of us. Thanks for sharing. We are all in this together ❤


  2. There are many things that irritate one spouse about the other, but we each try to overlook them. I try to focus on the good things he does, not what he does that bothers me. 🙂


  3. Performing small gestures are beneficial to a relationship because these behaviors are rich with communication and convey so much. Breaking this down a bit, doing something kind, or thoughtful, even if small: Communicates respect for your partner.

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  4. Life can make everyone a little crazy sometimes! We have all been there! Marriage has helped me loosen up in some ways and become more laid back in certain areas (as a very type A temperament). Sometimes all you can do it look back, laugh at crazy sock moments and thank your spouse for loving you in spite of your crazy moments! And to give them grace for when they have their own crazy times.

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