Mommy of Two Under Two

It’s nine o’clock and my nearly one month old is sleeping beside me as my 15 month old bangs her tiny feet on the floor of her playpen (something she does every night for about a half hour before she actually falls asleep). I’m so ready to get some shut eye myself but I learned my lesson about closing my eyes before I know for sure my daughter is down for the night.

I realized it’s been a minute since I posted a parent related post so I decided to do that now.

My Experience So Far With Two Little Ones

I brushed up on this a bit in my ‘Life Update‘ but now our little family is a bit more settled in.

If you’re in my position or thinking about having kids close together I think the best bit of advice I have is to embrace the chaos. If you don’t work with the craziness it’ll stress you out; trust me. Aside from that here’s a few things that have helped me having two kids under two.

Waking Up

I make it a point to be very cheerful when I get Rosalie out of her bed in the morning (even when I feel grumpy and tired). Positive vibes and attitude is everything when preparing for a crazy day. I find if I’m cheery, she’s usually in a better mood too.

Go Along With What They Think is Fun

Turns out looking through mail can turn into a crazy game of scoot your butt on the Burger King flier.

I see some parents and their first instinct is to say ‘no’ when their kid starts doing something that’s not necessarily ‘normal’ or if they’re using something that’s not a toy. When my daughter grabs the broom or the mail (or whatever!) I’m happy because it gives her something new to do and helps break up the day.

Play With the Oldest As Much As Possible When The Little One Is Sleeping

This is the best way to make sure both kids are getting enough attention. It’s hard for a young child to understand why they are no longer the compete center of mom’s world. I play with my daughter and if I hear the baby start to get fussy I usually hand her something new or cool to distract her. I try to get her attention off me so she doesn’t feel like I’m picking the baby over her.

Let The Older Child Spend Time With The Baby

Obviously make sure you’re paying close attention! My daughter is so sweet and nice one minute then the next I catch her trying to bite her brother’s feet! Remember that they’re young and don’t fully understand what the new addition is. I like letting her pet his head and give him kisses not only because it’s adorable but because the more I let her see him the less she attacks me at times when I don’t want her to. She will let me feed him in peace if I give her some visitation time first.

Don’t Expect To Have Much Free Time

Unless you hire a sitter you won’t have much ‘you’ time on your hands. It’s better to know this than to plan or expect to do things you really don’t have time for.

Reflecting on today I can’t help but find it a little funny.

I went to do some exfoliating in the tub and as soon as I turned on the water my daughter came running to the bathroom excited for her (second) bath of the day.

I brushed my hair and teeth tonight with Eli in my arms so that he wouldn’t cry and wake his sister up.

I spent an hour trying to get my daughter to eat, gave up, made myself dinner and of course that’s what she wanted to eat.

During her nap time I lay down with baby to keep him quiet so she can get her rest. Sometimes I can get some sleep myself during this time if I’m lucky.

Want to paint your nails?

Wrapping Up

If you start to feel like you’re going crazy just remember that they won’t be this little for long. Later on you’re going to wish you still had tiny fingers poking under the bathroom door. You’re going to miss them plopping on your lap or pulling you around the house.

At the end of the day these tiny little people with these amazingly huge personalities want nothing more than your love and attention. How awesome is that?

20 thoughts on “Mommy of Two Under Two

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  1. I have kids from age 11 to 26 – it seemed like that was what God had planned for us, but at one point I had kids in 4 different schools – preschool, elementary, high school, and College!


  2. Having the two of them so close together is surely exhausting for you but you have some great ways to make the most of it. As they say, the days are long but the years are short and I know you will have so many wonderful memories of this time with them.


  3. Having two is so very different that just one! I love that you share positivity with your little ones first thing in the morning whether you are feeling it or not. It’s so important that children grow up in a positive environment. Great job mama!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! And it breaks my heart to see young kids growing up in unnecessarily mean or negative environments. All the time I see kids in stores getting screamed at for a tiny thing that the kid probably didn’t even know they weren’t allowed to do.


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