5 Unique Gift Ideas They Won’t Forget

Welcome to my page! I wanted to share with you some creative gift ideas that people will absolutely LOVE. (If they don't love them, well...) In all seriousness these gifts are thoughtful and fun and great for almost anyone. Let's begin. 1. Icecream Sundae In A Box Who doesn't love icecream sundaes? I would personally... Continue Reading →

Mess-Free Coloring Review

Hello readers! My 16 month old daughter is beginning to get interested in drawing and coloring. When she sees someone with a pen, pencil (or anything in that catagory) she'll hold her hand out and say "Thank you" (which sounds more like "tank chu"). I've let her draw on paper with colored pencil and she... Continue Reading →

Every Day Nail Designs

Hello guys! As I sit her with PAINTED nails I'm going to share with you some lovely designs I found online. I only wish I had the skill to do these myself. (If you read my post 'Mommy of Two Under Two' you'd know why my painted nails are so exciting) Some Of My Favorite... Continue Reading →

Fall Nail Inspiration

It's fall y'all! That means pumpkins, leaves and ghosts! I am obsessed with holidays and the changing seasons. I'm down for any way I can make them feel more festive! Here are some of my favorite fun Autumn nail inspirations for you guys to browse. Which design is your favorite?

Why I Love Pillows

Maybe you're thinking to yourself "what a boring title". But if you think about (I mean reeaallly think about it) you'll realize that there is absolutely nothing boring about pillows. To be honest, my sister asked me to do a post about pillows and while at first I thought 'what a silly topic' I quickly... Continue Reading →

I’ve Reached 200 Followers

I'm super stoked that I now passed 200 Followers. The number may not be big in the grand scheme of blogging but I'm quite happy. To know that I, a stay-at-home mommy who writes in her scarce few moments of free time (usually with cheerios in her hair) can reach anyone outside of her small... Continue Reading →

Blog Highlight – Lovinglymama

Another highlight for you guys who are interested in Mommy Bloggers! I encourage you to check out Lovinglymama About "This blog is authored and maintained by Maria Sigrid Lo, a Bacolod mommy blogger. She writes about her memories as a mother to two talented and beautiful daughters while homeschooling in Bacolod. She journals their family... Continue Reading →

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