Elf Blush Review

Hey guys! I love almost all things Elf but today I wanted to highlight their blush.

First Things First…. Why I Love Elf

It’s reasonably priced!

I don’t have the time or skill to apply makeup like a lot of you awesome girls do. I watch tutorials and can manage to pull off a look (occasionally) but in all honesty I usually apply in a rather basic technique. Elf is PERFECT for this. While I can’t guarantee it would please hardcore makeup lovers that are used to expensive, high-quality brands, I CAN guarantee that you won’t be disappoint if you apply make up like I do.
I don’t want to shoot myself down completely….

I think I’m relatively okay at applying makeup. I even occasionally color my eyelid crease a shade darker than my lid!


I’ve purchased other cheap makeup that left much to be desired. I’ve purchased odd shades of lipstick that looked way different before applying, I’ve bought eyeshadow that was way too powdery and wound up sitting on my lashes opposed to my lids, etc.
Elf provides the best quality among the cheap brands of make up.

Their Blush

I really love their blush especially. It has a ever so slight shimmer to it that helps ‘liven’ your look. As a mom of two little kids I often look drained and exhausted. Whenever I wear their blush people tell me I look ‘well-rested’ or ‘refreshed’. Jokes on them…

You can look at my favorite Elf blush shade by clicking here. Best part? You can usually find it for about $5.

Thanks for reading! ♥

What’s your favorite product from Elf?

Do you have a favorite blush?

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