Why I Love Pillows

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself “what a boring title”. But if you think about (I mean reeaallly think about it) you’ll realize that there is absolutely nothing boring about pillows.

To be honest, my sister asked me to do a post about pillows and while at first I thought ‘what a silly topic’ I quickly became consumed with thoughts of how glorious pillows can truly be.

They are there for you to cry in in your saddest moments or for you to cuddle with after an exhausting day. They help add character to even the most boring of rooms.

They are universal which means… Boom! Awesome gifts for anyone! That person that had everything? Yup. They need more pillows.

They can be plain, colorful, glitzy or fuzzy. What a better way to express your style than through something so reasonably priced and easily accessible?

You’ve spent the day on Pintetest longing to be crafty but realized you have no talent? No worries! Make a pillow! Super easy!

Angry at someone but still secretly love them? Skip the hair dryer and throw a pillow instead!

If nothing else was accomplished this day, at least my appreciation of pillows grew!

How do you guys feel about pillows?

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