Reoccurring Nightmare

Reoccuring Nightnare

My feet drag along the pavement

I can hear the scuff beneath my shoes

I’m in the city of risk and regret

Where the people have nothing to lose

There’s sorrow in my neighbors’ shadows

And passion in the city’s heat

The faded colors arouse emotions

And draw feelings from some place deep

As I make my way down the street

My fearful heart begins to pound

My mind is filled with a terrible dread

Even before the awful sound

Screams come from a distance

They are urgent and distressed

My mind makes out the voices

And my legs, they do the rest

I hurry to the alley

The scent of alcohol in the air

The worn out walls display the words

‘Screw it, I don’t care’

It’s glinting in the streetlight

The polished, silver gun

Of course my first reaction

Is to turn around and run

But someone’s trembling in the corner

So frightened and afraid

A helpless little girl

Unprepared to meet her fate

Before I have a chance to think

She lifts her startled eyes

The feeling that comes over me

Is more dreadful than surprise

I know the girl before me

And to save her from the harm

I jump before the gunman

And take a bullet to my arm

Another shot is fired

Towards another familiar face

Again I move before the gun

And stand firmly in my place

Somehow I don’t feel the pain

But I know I’ll later feel the toll

As my adrenaline rushes through me

I receive another blow

My mind cannot fathom

Why my loved ones gathered here

But I know that I must shield them

Purpose ruled my fear

I take bullet after bullet

I am drenched in my own blood

I pray for safety, I pray for help

I wish for blanks or duds

My vision blurs from blood loss

But I still make out the sight

Of the one man I love the most

Boldly putting up a fight

He blended with the shadows

But I could see his face

His perfect features in twisted horror

My heart picked up its pace

I stumble forward to help him

My body throbbing with the pain

Just before the trigger’s pulled

I hear him say my name

As my love falls to the ground

I can feel myself begin to die

I draw the last breath I ever will

As the light wanes from his eyes

I lay breathless on the concrete

My heart, it slows it’s beat

I watch the rest of my cherished ones

Fall to the shooter’s feet

I wake to find I’m in my bed

And nothing was as it seemed

While I lie wrapped in crumpled sheets

I remembered my horrid dream

This wouldn’t be the first time

That the dark brought such a sight

This dream it haunts relentlessly

Night after dreadful night

Each time I’m in that awful alley

I fail to get to him on time

Now every time I close my eyes

I watch my loved ones die

-Julia Jewell

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