Is Online Shopping Taking Over?

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by. Today I wanted to talk about online shopping vs in store shopping. It seems more and more people are ordering things online opposed to going to actual stores and it’s leaving me to wonder…

Will physical stores begin to go out of business? Will we be left with nothing more than tiny convenient stores for when we need a necessity quickly?

That my dear readers… would be my worst nightmare.

Personally, (though I admit to shopping online) I feel shopping is better when turned into an event. Leaving the house, roaming aisles and finally finding that perfect item is so much more fun than clicking through pages online.

The trouble is you can often find better deals, coupons and offers while on the internet. Many sites offer free shipping as well which makes online shopping very appealing (and even tempting!). You’re also guaranteed to find what you’re looking for without wasting a trip to the store to find that it’s sold out.

That aside, stores have long lines and if you’re a busy person, saving those free moments could be crucial. Also, let’s face it, cashiers aren’t always pleasant to deal with. You always have the option to do self-check-out but half the time there’s an issue with those machines and you wind up just feeling frustrated.

Though I don’t see it happening any time soon, I fear that one day we will lose our beloved bookstores and quaint thrift shops and that groceries will come in crates on our doorstep.

In the year 2000, 22% of Americans shopped online. That number rose to a surprising 79% since that time.

Though currently only 8% of shopping is done online, I predict that number will climber higher and higher each passing year.

How do you feel about online shopping?

Do you think stores will go out of business?

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