Mess-Free Coloring Review

Hello readers!

My 16 month old daughter is beginning to get interested in drawing and coloring. When she sees someone with a pen, pencil (or anything in that catagory) she’ll hold her hand out and say “Thank you” (which sounds more like “tank chu”). I’ve let her draw on paper with colored pencil and she does a pretty good job at not coloring on walls and what not but I was nervous to give her more than one pencil at a time. I didn’t want them to get put all over the house so she could find them when she was sleepy since she tends to do more ‘bad’ things when she’s grumpy.

I’ve heard of the ‘mess-free’ coloring before and it’s title is self explanatory but I didn’t realize how fun it would be! Just today at K-Mart we got the Crayola Color Wonder Glitter Pad & Markers, Princess Toy

As soon as we got home we cracked it open and began to color! She was having a blast opening the markers, picking her colors and scribbing away. It was nice not having to worry if the marker would get on the carpet or the book she was pressing on.

It’s a great stress-free way to teach colors and encourage creativity! I’ll definitely buy more! They have more elaborate ones also that come with a pad to press on and stamps. I think I may get that one next. It’s a great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift!

Thanks for reading!

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