5 Unique Gift Ideas They Won’t Forget

Welcome to my page!

I wanted to share with you some creative gift ideas that people will absolutely LOVE.

(If they don’t love them, well…)

In all seriousness these gifts are thoughtful and fun and great for almost anyone. Let’s begin.

1. Icecream Sundae In A Box

Who doesn’t love icecream sundaes? I would personally love getting this. The best part? You can buy these items in bulk and give the box to multiple people without spending a fortune!

You can find cute bowls and spoons for this Here

2. Pop Me Balloon

This is a fun way to give a small gift, money or even a gift card! Just put the item in the balloon before blowing it up and voila! A very memorable gift!

3. Remember When

These papers can be filled with intimate moments, childhood memories or funny stories. I love how personal this gift is. What a lovely way to make someone feel special.

4. Movie Night

A box filled with all the essentials for a perfect movie night. What fun!

If you’re not too crafty or you don’t have time to put one together yourself to do sell premade ones. Some come with gift cards to rent or buy movies you can find them here

5. Open when Letters

My little sister made me these for my birthday and included little surprises with each heartfelt letter. It was one of the best gifts I ever got! It’s fun because it lasts longer than just your birthday.

Thanks for reading!

For some more ideas you can check out my post ‘Five Funny Gift Ideas

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