1000 Likes! Yay!

It's always exciting to get a new achievement and getting 1000 likes is no exception. I'm absolutely thrilled! I want to thank all my readers for allowing me to ramble about all the different interests and thoughts I have (while seemingly enjoying it).

Gifts For Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover myself I'd love to get the gifts on this list! Like I said in my other post, as Christmas approaches I find myself searching for unique gifts and these are some I found for the coffee lover in your life (everyone has one!). Best part? Everything's reasonably priced! 1. Bean Box... Continue Reading →

Hill Climb 2 Review

Howdy guys! I believe this is my first game review on TheMomsomnia. How fun! (If you're reading this and you love this game or other games simular to this, I apologize in advance for my lack of understanding and/or incorrect lingo) I just downloaded Hill Climb 2 the other day after my sister sent me... Continue Reading →

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