Hill Climb 2 Review

Howdy guys!

I believe this is my first game review on TheMomsomnia. How fun!

(If you’re reading this and you love this game or other games simular to this, I apologize in advance for my lack of understanding and/or incorrect lingo)

I just downloaded Hill Climb 2 the other day after my sister sent me an invite. Last I had seen her she was trying to play the game in between rounds of cards so I figured it must be fun.

Unless I accidentally skipped the tutorial, the game doesn’t have one… Which left me to figure it out by myself (a frightening concept indeed). It’s fairly simple aside from the fact that I was playing the wrong races for nearly two days straight.

These are the important ones.They allow you to unlock chests and other races (I believe)

I’m not too sure of the point of the races below the main one other than gaining additional coins and maybe practising so you don’t lower your actual race score? Again unsure…

I’m terrible at learning new games and I guarentee you I’m making this sound more confusing than it is.

Warning… It’s actually pretty addictive weirdly enough.

In all seriousness, Hill Climb 2 is a fun, free game with few ads and a lot of free prizes. It doesn’t make you wait 24 hours for more lives in order to play (which always annoys me) and you can customize your character and car and what not to keep it fresh.

I’d give it a 4/5 in the world of phone app games. I highly recommend!

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