TheMomsomnia is switching to Bluehost!

Hello my lovely readers!! I want to start off by saying how grateful I am for you. You guys are awesome.

After reading a lot about Bluehost and seeing recommendations from other bloggers, I decided to try it out. I just bought the year package the other day so TheMomsomnia is beginning to migrate!!

I’m excited about the change but also a bit nervous and overwhelmed. I’m probably the least techy blogger in the entire world so any change seems intimidating.

Once again I have Miss Maddy Crone assisting me with this whole process. She’s a photographer, blogger and blogdesigner. (Check her blog out by clicking here)

Why I Switched to Bluehost

I wanted to have as little restrictions as possible. My blog is becoming a big hobby of mine so I wanted to have freedom to do what I want. If I want to try something new or experiment with different options I want to be able to do so. (I’ve been looking at a few plug ins I’d like to try!)

Other Perks

  • So far their customer service as been polite and fast
  • I consider Bluehost prices to be very reasonable.
  • You can run custom ads if you’d like to
  • Your website belongs to you and can’t be randomly shut down

Once my site migrates and I have everything situated, I’ll do a follow up post of my Bluehost experience for anyone interested.

Thanks for reading!

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