5 Gifts for Writers

I personally love having an archive of gift ideas saved so that when an occasion arises I know exactly what to get! Today's topic is gifts for writers. 1.5-Pc.Typewriter Coaster Set I don't even use coasters but I would if I had these! Super cool. 2. Writer Bracelet "Careful or you'll end up in my... Continue Reading →

Gifts for Travel Lovers

Hey guys! Continuing my gift series here. Been having a lot of fun looking to see what kind of gifts are out there. As much as I love shopping in store, it seems online you can always find that perfect present. (Of course buying something for yourself can be equally as fun) 1. A cute... Continue Reading →

Gifts For Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover myself I'd love to get the gifts on this list! Like I said in my other post, as Christmas approaches I find myself searching for unique gifts and these are some I found for the coffee lover in your life (everyone has one!). Best part? Everything's reasonably priced! 1. Bean Box... Continue Reading →

5 Unique Gift Ideas They Won’t Forget

Welcome to my page! I wanted to share with you some creative gift ideas that people will absolutely LOVE. (If they don't love them, well...) In all seriousness these gifts are thoughtful and fun and great for almost anyone. Let's begin. 1. Icecream Sundae In A Box Who doesn't love icecream sundaes? I would personally... Continue Reading →

5 Funny Gift Ideas

I think we all have at least one person in our lives that appreciates a funny gift more than any other. If not, there's a good chance you have someone who is incredibly impossible to shop for whether it's due to their lack of interest/hobbies or they're the type of person that just own EVERYTHING.... Continue Reading →

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