5 Gifts for Writers

I personally love having an archive of gift ideas saved so that when an occasion arises I know exactly what to get! Today's topic is gifts for writers. 1.5-Pc.Typewriter Coaster Set I don't even use coasters but I would if I had these! Super cool. 2. Writer Bracelet "Careful or you'll end up in my... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Pillows

Maybe you're thinking to yourself "what a boring title". But if you think about (I mean reeaallly think about it) you'll realize that there is absolutely nothing boring about pillows. To be honest, my sister asked me to do a post about pillows and while at first I thought 'what a silly topic' I quickly... Continue Reading →

Funny Conversations

Greetings readers! I've had my fair share of witty/amusing text conversations but these ones I've stumbled on definitely take the cake! 1. The mom who thought their kid snuck out. (Notice the contact name L*) 2. Solid burn, mom. 3. Wisdom beyond their years I'm sure... 4. I'd like to introduce you to sarcasm... 5.... Continue Reading →

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