XMen (Fan Recast)

Hey guys! Here's another fan recast for you! Xmen 1. Aidan Turner as Wolverine 2. Sarah Gadon as Jean Grey 3.Alexandra Daddario as Rogue 4. Scott Eastwood as Cyclops 5.Kellan Lutz as Colosus 6. Hailee Steinfeld as Jubilee 7.Kenneth Branagh as Professor X 8. Garrett Hedlund as Gambit 9. Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Storm 10. Lily... Continue Reading →


Actor Spotlight (Tom Cruise)

We're back with Actor Spotlight! Tom Cruise Fun facts 1. Born july 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York 2. Has running scenes in many of his films. 3. He does his own stunts, even the exceptionally dangerous ones. 4. He Once stopped to help a hit-and-run victim and paid her hospital bills. 5. Enjoys scuba... Continue Reading →

Actor Spotlight (John Cusack)

Back again with 'Actor Spotlight'! John Cusack Fun Facts 1. His sister Joan Cusack has acted in ten films with him. 2. He was originally casted as John Bender in 'The Breakfast Club'. 3. 'Apocalypse Now' is one of his favorite movies. 4. He beat out Christian Slater for the role of Lloyd in 'Say... Continue Reading →

Actor Spotlight (Robert Redford)

Another actor spotlight for you guys! Robert Redford Fun Facts 1. Born august 18, 1936 in Santa Monica, California 2. Has been in eleven period films 3. Very close friends with Paul Newman 4. The only performance of his that he is satisfied with is The Sting 5. He loves to go fishing Why We... Continue Reading →

‘The Office’ Tv Show

Alright guys. I just need to get these four words off my chest. The. Office. Is. Awesome. Backstory Back in the day when I didn't have a soul, I thought Steve Carell was a bit too much. I simply couldn't relate to his humor and I saw him as a 'lame dad-like figure' and for... Continue Reading →

Actor Spotlight (Leonardo Dicaprio)

Leonardo Dicaprio Fun Facts 1. Born Nov 11, 1974 in Hollywood, California 2. Childhood friends with Tobey Maguire 3. Robert deniro and Jack Nicholson are his favorite actors 4. Good friends with Mark Wahlberg 5. Often works with director Martin Scorsese Why We Love Him Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the best actors of all... Continue Reading →

Actor Spotlight (Andrew Garfield)

Greetings everyone and welcome to actor spotlight! Today's actor is Andrew Garfield Fun facts: 1. Birthday: August 20, 1983. 2. Born in Los Angeles, California but grew up in England. 3. Height 5' 10" 4. He was friends with Robert Pattinson while they were both struggling actors. 5. He's a big fan of Skateboarding Why... Continue Reading →

10 Best Actors

These actors are in no particular order and are also judged by likability and not necessarily by skill (although most are extremely talented actors). Coming up with this list was a group effort and these particular people got the most votes. 1. Leonardo Dicaprio 2. Tom Cruise 3. Colin Farell 4. Hugh Jackman 5. Jake... Continue Reading →

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