Intuition Razor Review

Intuition Razor Gift Set Okay ladies here's the deal. This razor is THE BOMB! Intuition razors literally make shaving so easy it's ridiculous. You don't need to use shaving cream because the refillable blades have this foaming moisturizer around it which lathers when wet. I'm completely amazed at this product. I've never been one to... Continue Reading →

Hill Climb 2 Review

Howdy guys! I believe this is my first game review on TheMomsomnia. How fun! (If you're reading this and you love this game or other games simular to this, I apologize in advance for my lack of understanding and/or incorrect lingo) I just downloaded Hill Climb 2 the other day after my sister sent me... Continue Reading →

Mess-Free Coloring Review

Hello readers! My 16 month old daughter is beginning to get interested in drawing and coloring. When she sees someone with a pen, pencil (or anything in that catagory) she'll hold her hand out and say "Thank you" (which sounds more like "tank chu"). I've let her draw on paper with colored pencil and she... Continue Reading →

Elf Blush Review

Hey guys! I love almost all things Elf but today I wanted to highlight their blush. First Things First.... Why I Love Elf It's reasonably priced! I don't have the time or skill to apply makeup like a lot of you awesome girls do. I watch tutorials and can manage to pull off a look... Continue Reading →

Ofra Eyeshadow Exquisite Review

This is my first time trying anything from Ofra. To be honest, before this eyeshadow came in my ipsy glam bag I didn't even know the brand existed. The shade I received is called Eyeshadow Exquisite and its sort of a charcoal-y gray color. I'm not impressed with this shadow in the least. The only... Continue Reading →

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